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Clod 119: digital print, numbered edition

  • Clod 119: digital print, numbered edition
  • Clod 119: digital print, numbered edition
  • Clod 119: digital print, numbered edition

Clod 119 is published on Async and is a programmable work in art.

The nice thing for you who, like me, love to collect, is that you can have an edition as if it were a unique piece.

Exactly! You understood perfectly well. The 25 pieces of the edition will all be different from each other and you will have two ways to receive your print.

You can choose which state of each layer you can enter or I can decide to do it myself: by choosing the parts directly, or by composing the image using the online one, displayed by the owners of the layers. Look at the picture here: https://async.art/art/master/0xb6dae651468e9593e4581705a09c10a76ac1e0c8-516

At the bottom you see a preview with some level, it's only a promotional image.

This print is a numerical edition of 25 pieces.

Some information about the print: solvent printed, on matte photographic paper, weight 250g per meter.

The dimensions of the sheet are 65x65cm / 25.6x25.6in and the dimensions of the printed design 60x60cm / 23.6x23.6in.

The colors of the final print may be a little different than the video images.
The images you see here will not be the ones you receive.

For more info on this print, contact me.